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Hex Head Wood Screws
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Hex Head Wood Screws

Product Name: CSK Philip screw, CSK socket screw, Pan head Phscrew, Pan head socket screw, Socket cap head screw, set screw, Pan head Torx screw,CSK head trox screw, Wood screw.
Material: Carbon Steel, High Strength Steel, Stainless Steel.
Standard: DIN571.
Head type: hex flange head, Hexagen Head
Finish: Color Zinc Plated, Black, Blue White Zinc Plated.
Diameter: M6–M20.
Length: 30–400mm.
Processing: Heat Treatment, Zinc Plated, Salt Spray Test.

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Hexagon Head Lag Screws are screws that are used for fastening in wood. They have a hexagon-shaped head that can be driven with either a wrench or a socket. They have a deep coarse thread that will form a tight fit in the wood when torqued correctly in the correct size hole.

Hexagon head wood screws DIN 571

2.Dimensions of Metric DIN 571 hex head lag screw bolts:

Dimensions of Metric DIN 571 hex head lag screw bolts

3.Transport Package: 1000PCS/small box; 25boxes/carton; Or 25kg bulked in one outer carton; With or without pallets; Or by customer’s request.

DIN571 Hex Head Wood Screw Zinc Plated Fastener Manufacture Customized Special Shaped Parts Wood Bolts


4.Application of DIN 571 hex head lag screw bolts:

Metric DIN 571 hex head lag screw bolts are heavy-duty wood screws usually used to attach lumber to lumber or lumber to masonry. Commonly used in deck and dock construction. Pre-drilling is recommended to prevent splitting. They are generally much larger in size than standard wood screws. SHOME Fasteners offers the following sizes for immediate delivery from stock: Diameters ranging from M5 to M16 and up to 300mm long.


5.Hex Head Lag Screws: Fastening Tips

SHOME Fasteners wants customers to understand that drilling a pilot hole is essential for safe and successful fastening. These tools are designed to be installed as straight as possible to handle the loads you apply.
Lag screws that sit crooked or are not driven deep enough into the base material can break or splinter wooden surfaces.
It is recommended that you inspect a wooden base material before mounting objects. In the event you are using hex lag screws outdoors, double-check the structural integrity of wooden surfaces for any signs of rotting or water damage.

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