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Self Drilling Screw - CSK Head Type
self-drilling-screw-csk-head-type - ảnh nhỏ  1 self-drilling-screw-csk-head-type - ảnh nhỏ 2 self-drilling-screw-csk-head-type - ảnh nhỏ 3 self-drilling-screw-csk-head-type - ảnh nhỏ 4 self-drilling-screw-csk-head-type - ảnh nhỏ 5

Self Drilling Screw - CSK Head Type

Material: C1022, SUS201, SUS410, SUS304, SUS316, A2-70, A2-80, A4-80
Standard: DIN7504P
Head type: Flat Head/Countersunk
Coating: Plain, Black Oxide, Gray, Paint, Rupert, Nickel
Thread: Full Thread, Partial Thread, Metric Thread
Recess: Philips, Square, Pozi, Slot, 6 Lobe
Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS
Diameter: 2.9mm-6.3mm
Length: 10mm-200mm
Packing: bulk packing, small box packing, packing as required

1.Corrosion resistance, excellent against gas, weathering, and other kinds of corrosive factors including saltwater.
2.Resistant to acid and alkaline attack.
3.Easy to install, time-saving, minimize labor.
4.High-hardness points and leads threads for drilling and tapping.
5.A variety of colors to suit different purposes.
6.TUV CERT ISO9001:2000 quality assurance.
7.Precise dimension.
8.Long service life.

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Csk head selfdrilling screws from SHOOME Fasteners are highly durable and corrosion-resistant, which allows them to be used in extreme temperatures and undersea applications as well. Since these screws are selfdrilling, they can be used without drilling the pilot hole.

2.Application of Self-drilling screws:
Self-drilling screws have hardened drill points that will drill and thread in structural steel, mild steel, aluminum, and wood.
These drill points are manufactured in the same method as the high-speed drill bits.
Self-drilling screws are available in a variety of finishes with unique product features to suit a wide range of environmental conditions.
1.For the fastening process in steel, they are used on steel frame construction or fastening other materials on steel.
2.For the fastening process in wood, they are used for applications in wood structures or industrial lightweight constructions, such as roof deck, flooring.
3.For the fastening process in aluminum, they are used for special industrial applications, construction, and manufacturing of windows.

3.Installation Steps:
1.Choose the proper size of self-drilling screws.
2.Read the instructions of the self-drilling screws, and drill a small hole with the given size drill bit on the instructions.
3.Put the self-drilling screw on an electric or cordless drill driver with the proper drive adapter installed.
4.Drill the self-drilling screw until the head is flush with the surface of the material.
5.Continue to drill the screws to the material until the work is finished.

4.SHOME Advantages:
1. Quality control: we make 100% quality test during producing and before shipping
2. Rich experience: we have been exported screws for more than 20 years
3. Competitive prices: the better quality, but cheaper prices
4. Timely quotation: send you prices within one day
5. Good services: we supply OEM, ODM, OBM services and the best after-sale services
6. Punctual delivery: we can ship every order without delay


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We always believe that people are the most importar it factor and the key to all success. Therefore, the team of leaders and employees at Shome Vietnam are all virtuous and talented, with high qualifications, professional working style, constantly striving to improve themselves and develop the company.

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