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  • Drywall Screw -- Self Tapping Screw

    Features:Made of case hardened steel, the screws offer strong pull strength to hold the drywall.Sharp points for easy to screw in and damage a little.Black phosphate coating to increase durability.Commonly with corrosion coating.The salt spray test ensures that no color stains the wall.Speed the drywall installation process.Long service life 
  • Drywall Screw -- Self Drilling Screw

    Drywall screw series is one of the most important categories in the entire screw manufacturing industry. This product is mainly used for the installation of various gypsum boards, dry walls, and ceiling series.
  • Wafer Head Self Drilling Screw

    The Wafer Head Screw is also known as Truss Head Screw or Truss Screw. Lituo offers different types of Wafer Screws and among themthe wafer screw self-drilling point is our star product. The Phillips Wafer Head Self Drilling Screw is the most popular type for the sheet metal fastening.
  • Self Drilling Screw - CSK Head Type

    Csk head self–drilling screws from SHOME Fasteners are highly durable and corrosion-resistant, which allows them to be used in extreme temperatures and undersea applications as well. Since these screws are self–drilling, they can be used without drilling the pilot hole.
  • Blind Rivet

    Stainless Steel & Aluminum Blind Rivet Benefits:Blind rivets can create a wide range of advantages for your specific application needs.Compared to other fastener devices, blind rivets and semi-tubular rivets provide numerous unmatched benefits.
  • Twisted Roofing Nail

    Roofing nails are perfect for construction work with soft sheet material. They are designed to fix the roofing materials to the wooden base. Roofing nails have a corrugated surface of the socket head cap characterized by the increased diameter.
  • U Type Nail

    Ngày 28/10 tại Hà Nội, Bộ Y tế phối hợp với Đại sứ quán Hoa Kỳ tổ chức lễ kỷ niệm 20 năm hợp tác y tế Việt Nam-Hoa Kỳ và bình thường hóa quan hệ hai nước. 


We always believe that people are the most importar it factor and the key to all success. Therefore, the team of leaders and employees at Shome Vietnam are all virtuous and talented, with high qualifications, professional working style, constantly striving to improve themselves and develop the company.

Address: Villa 5, row 16A3, Mo Lao urban area, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City
Factory 1: Ngoc Hoa industrial cluster, Km 22, National Highway 6A, Chuong My District, Hanoi City (bolt and screw)
Factory 2: Lot CN-B7, Phu Nghia IP, Phu Nghia Commune, Chuong My District, Hanoi City (steel processing and coating)
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